Military Soldier and Tank Cake

 This is the tank I made for my son on his birthday made from mini fondant covered Oreos, Pretzels, and the inside was chocolate cake.
 Our cute little soldier, fighting for our freedom, is made completely from marshmallow fondant-even the teeth.

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Jungle Monkey Cake

This is the full "Jungle Cake" I made for my son's last birthday party. For more on the party Click Here.

This marshmallow fondant made monkey is enjoying his own runt's banana. I had these monkey's sitting in different places around the cake, so you could see them at almost every angle.
The giraffe is made from the same marshmallow fondant, but the tree trunks are just giant pretzels with some fondant leaves... and apparently the giraffe thinks they're yummy.
The elephant was surrounded by the monkeys.
Mr. Hippo decided to go for a little swim during the party.

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