Wizard Of Oz Cake

I made this cake for my daughter's tenth birthday, she wanted the full Wizard of Oz theme for this one.
This fun cake was made of fondant cornstalks and yellow brick road. The tree was made from large, long pretzels, then covered in rolled-out tootsie rolls. The leaves and apples on the tree were also made from fondant, but the characters on the cake are just plain plastic, unlike in some of the other cakes I've done.
Dorothy's house has landed on the witch and is made of sugar cookies, royal icing and a tootsie roll roof. The tornado is made of colored, piped, and baked meringue rings.
This was a side cake I made just for my daughter, who was dressed up as Dorothy that day and needed a Toto. The basket is made of weaved bread dough. Inside of the bread basket is Toto, made completely of cake with a taffy tongue and a fondant nose and decorated in butter-cream icing. The ruffle is made from fondant as well.

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